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BPM Video Premiere: You Can Be A Wesley – “Talking Science”

By ; September 7, 2011 at 6:02 PM 

Evoking the power pop of the nineties, Boston quartet You Can Be A Wesley (named after their BU dorm of Wesley House) present the video for their standout track, “Talking Science.” The song is instantly accessible but with enough weird intricacies to keep it fresh beyond a couple listens.

The clip for “Talking Science” almost demands as much attention as the song it is presenting. Depicting the unfortunate circumstance of being a monster looking for love, the video shows the band having fun with puppets, chase scenes, and, well, each other. It’s a likable introduction to what seems like a likable band.

Check out the premiere of You Can Be A Wesley’s video for “Talking Science” below and keep a lookout for You Can Be A Wesley’s EP, Nightosphere, out this October.

“Talking Science” by You Can Be A Wesley from You Can Be A Wesley on Vimeo.


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