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BPM Video Premiere: Jack Ladder – “Short Memory”

By ; March 23, 2012 at 2:15 PM 

There’s a lot of weight put upon the ‘atmosphere’ of a song in this day and age of music writing, and sometimes bands will go to great lengths to put together a detailed array of sounds that perfectly conjure the mood they’re striving for. Sometimes, as in the case of Jack Ladder, the majority of the emotion they’re going for is already accounted for in the voice, and it’s only a few simple things that are needed to augment it.

“Short Memory” is one such song that builds its way around the Australian’s voice simplistically, using little more than the simplest drum beat, some synth and the odd interruption of guitar. The brooding, melancholic and subtly threatening atmosphere is alive throughout the song; the total effect is electrifying. And, when combined with the stunning visuals of the video, these emotions only get intensified.

The video is, once again, another point in the argument that sometimes simpler is better when it comes to creating atmosphere. We start with a pair of people running at breakneck speed across a field, and instantly panic rises, but we do not know where there running from or to, which leaves it open to each viewer’s interpretation. This means that it can take myriad different paths depending upon what kind of person you are, which is ultimately its greatest power. Make sure you watch until the end of the video though, as some details will be revealed.

The video was put together by Michael Spiccia, Belinda Barrett and Stefan Duscio; the director, producer and cinematographer, respectively.

“Short Memory” the single is out now, and can be bought from Jack Ladder’s Bandcamp. It is taken from his upcoming album HURTSVILLE, which you can find out more about, and hear more music from, at the official site.

HURTSVILLE will be out in the next few months both digitally and physically through Holloweyed Music.

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