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Album + Track Premiere: Dizzy – You Feelin Dizzy Yet?/”I Can’t Hear You” (feat. Krayzie Bone)

By ; April 22, 2013 at 11:35 AM 

Dizzy - You Feelin Dizzy Yet

When discussing upcoming rappers, most people tend to gravitate toward those artists who populate certain metropolitan areas in the US–New York City/Brooklyn, Atlanta, Chicago.  And for good reason, as there are dozens of major hip-hop artists who call these cities home.  But you’re probably not going to hear Calgary, Alberta Canada mentioned in these same discussions.  But you soon will be.  Calgary’s resident wordsmith Dizzy is set to self-release his latest record You Feelin Dizzy Yet? on April 23rd.  Bringing along friends like Ace Hood and Krayzie Bone (of Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony), the album features Dizzy’s impressive rhythmic gymnastics and a meticulously developed sense of verbal antagonism and populist beat construction.

His latest single, the pulsing synth and hook heavy concoction “I Can’t Hear You,” displays some of the most memorable beats and effusive flows that you’re likely to hear anytime soon. The pinging synths that form the backbone of the track rock back and forth between your ears like a game of music Pong.  Developing into a series of spiked synths that run parallel with Dizzy’s vocals through the chorus, the music seems ready to jump the track lines and disappear down the highway on some day-glo alcohol-fueled weekend of nonstop penthouse crashing and club running.  Krayzie Bone lends a helping hand in providing Dizzy with a willing accomplice and makes you wonder where Bone Thugs have been all this time.

Beats Per  Minute is pleased to premiere the latest single “I Can’t Hear You” from Dizzy, as well as the full stream of his upcoming album You Feelin Dizzy Yet?.

“I Can’t Hear You” Stream:

You Feelin Dizzy Yet? Stream:


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