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Album Stream Premiere: Las Kellies – Total Exposure

By ; September 16, 2013 at 11:19 AM 

Las Kellies - Total Exposure

Argentinian trio Las Kellies are set to release their fourth album, Total Exposure, on September 17th via Fire Records.  The band — made up of guitarist Ceci Kelly, bassist Betty Kelly, and drummer Sil Kelly — met in Buenos Aires in 2005 at a gig and decided to get together to play mutated reggae infused with a post-punk sneer and dance floor tendencies. Drawing on bands such as The Slits, ESG, and Humpe Humpe for inspiration, Las Kellies craft slow-burn grooves that sit comfortably alongside upbeat post-punk rockers that spin seductive rhythms aimed somewhere between the hips and the head.

Produced by influential reggae architect Ivan Diaz Mathe, Total Exposure comes across as an amalgamation between the rock and dance-centric girl-groups which the band so obviously admires and the laid-back rhythms of artists like Desmond Dekker and Peter Tosh.  Recorded at ION Studios – one of the most significant studios in Buenos Aires – the band has expanded their already considerable sound, lending the tracks on the record a fuller and more archetypal sense of composition.  And they’re able to do this while still bringing every seemingly disparate musical reference into clear focus and with no sense of jagged delineation.  Total Exposure asserts itself as having a firm understanding of its own place within Las Kellies’ influences while still sounding and feeling like a completely insular statement from the band.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the album stream of Las Kellies upcoming record, Total Exposure.


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