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Listen: HeadShy – “Coma”

There’s a theory which breaks down the perfect compositional aspects of perfume into three parts — the head chord, the heart cord, and the base chord — with each portion of the formula representing a different aspect of the fragrance as it interacts with our sense of smell and is then given an appropriate response. […]

Listen: PT Walkley – “Sirens”

Composer and multi-instrumentalist PT Walkley stands at an odd musical crossroads, one in which he finds himself immersed in the commercial side of the entertainment industry while still clinging to the personal and often deeply communal singer-songwriter aesthetic that he explores on his latest album, Shoulders (out February 18th via Bathing Suit Music).  Between working […]

Listen: Preston Lovinggood – “Shipwrecked”

Birmingham, AL native Preston Lovinggood is gearing up for the release of his sophomore album, Shadow Songs, on February 25th via Communicating Vessels.  The wide-eyed counterpart to his 2013 album, Sun Songs, this upcoming album finds Lovinggood pairing up with producer Darrell Thorpe (Beck, Thom Yorke) and creating a musical landscape where chiming guitars and […]

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