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Radiohead – The King of Limbs: Album Preview Mix

By ; February 14, 2011 at 10:00 PM  View discussion

Radiohead’s eighth LP, The King of Limbs, is due out this Saturday. Despite its impending release, there’s very little we know about the album; we don’t know the tracklist, nor do we really know what sound the band will be going for on this release.

But in order to tide you over until Saturday and prepare you for the release of the album, we’ve constructed a mix of songs old and new that may make their way to the album.


Near Locks

“These Are My Twisted Words”
Official single. Released for free on Radiohead.com

Remember this one? “These Are My Twisted Words” was officially released on August 17th, 2009 as a free download from the band’s website only after being leaked five days earlier on Bit Torrent.

It gets better. The accompanying scene release text file was from the alleged release group “Wall of Ice.” It referenced a release date of August 17th and even included ASCII art of the branches included in the official release (check it out on the left). Furthermore the notes section referred to “boxes” which many fans led to believe was referring to reissue series of Radiohead’s back-catalog that EMI was then rolling out, and that the leak itself was actually from the band, testing out another release model before gearing up to release an album or EP on the 17th, possibly titled Wall of Ice. (Check out the scene release file here, courtesy Citizen Insane.) The release date came and we only received an official release of the single, seemingly putting all Wall of Ice EP rumors to rest.

But is it possible that it was the band that leaked it? Definitely. This is the band who essentially released their last album for free we’re talking about here. There have been rumors that Radiohead’s artist Stanley Donwood had confirmed that “Wall of Ice” was indeed the band, but this is yet to be confirmed by any other parties.

“These Are My Twisted Words” has Radiohead diffusing krautrock into their sound, with enough looped drums and ambiance to lead some to believe that this was a B-side from the Kid A or Amnesiac era.

Will it be on the album? Our bet is it will be. Given that the single artwork correlates to new King of Limbs and Dead Air Space artwork, the fact that they played it on tour, and the fact its lyrics even made it onto some 2009 tour merch leads us to think this is almost a lock for The King of Limbs.


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