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Packaging Review: Jonsi – Go

By ; April 6, 2010 at 7:08 PM 

Jónsi releases his debut solo album, and it’s wonderful. The packaging is colorful and full of life (going well with the music). Only problem is, there is no lyric book or pictures. The packaging itself is pressed on stock cardboard (which is nice) but it really feels flimsy. For an album so full of imagination and beauty, I wish the packaging was on the same level.

Verdict: For the Jónsi and Sigur Rós enthusiasts, this is a no brainer. The album is relatively cheap (price-wise), and you are supporting an incredible artist. For everyone else, I can’t recommend this album for purchase if you care that much about packaging. You are better off just purchasing this digitally. The vinyl version gets my biggest recommendation, as the colorful art really shines in the big format, and it’s more forgiving of a lack of lyric sheet whereas the CD format it really makes the packaging feel empty.

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