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Packaging Review: Guns N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy

By ; November 23, 2008 at 8:40 PM 

Besides the fact that this really is a fantastic album, Chinese Democracy is a must buy, because they did a great job with the packaging. The production that went into the packaging is top quality, to say the least. The lyric book actually contains all the lyrics (what a concept) – but that aside, the art is very well done. Some might be turned away from the gold, brown and red colors, but it actually works for the album. The red and gold has a nice shine when you reflect it in light, and the Asian themes jump out at you. The actual content of the 24-page lyric book is quite hefty. Not a surprise, seeing as the record is 70+ min of music. Axl spends 5 pages thanking everyone that helped out on the album and listing the entire studio and mixing credits of each song. Then again, this will be the problem for some detractors. Since it took him 14 years, some will expect more from this. I’ve heard complaints that that suggested this should have came with a DVD or a thick book. The packaging is more than reasonable, and at $11.99, it was well worth the money.



-Brent K.

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