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Packaging Review: Doves – Kindgom of Rust

By ; April 27, 2009 at 5:10 AM 

The brown and yellow color scheme of the front cover continues throughout the packaging as do the images of various mines and canyons. The booklet features six pages of quite nicely shot photos of empty work sites tinted brown. They are appealing to the eye on first view but there is not much there to interest you on further inspection. For such a rich and layered album the photos are quite simple. There is also an amusing picture of the band on the last page.

The simplicity continues on the disc itself which on first view appears plain white with the record details around the circumference, but there is more there. Not much more though; a few areas of random patterns made perhaps to look like etchings in a piece of marble but I can’t be sure.

One thing that tends to make or break the validity of buying an album is whether there are lyrics printed in the booklet or not. The good news here is that there are lyrics, the bad news is that it is only for half of the songs. Five of the songs inexplicably get the cold shoulder, which was also the case on their previous album Some Cities.

This is a stylish and well made package that may lack in some departments but is worth the money if you have it.



– Rob Hakimian

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