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Packaging Review: Deerhunter – Microcastle/Weird Era Cont.

By ; November 10, 2008 at 8:46 PM 

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Having only ordered this three days ago for $13 flat (with no shipping fee) directly from the band’s label, I was quite surprised to see Microcastle/Weird Era Continued in my mailbox already, especially on Halloween, but it was a welcome surprise. Before I get into my brief packaging review, I just have to give Kranky label a lot of credit here, very affordable and quick shipping, especially for an Indie label.

The album itself is nothing short of incredible. Does the packaging live up to the quality of the album? Yes and no. Some fans will be disappointed that there are no lyrics in the lyric sheet. And usually that is okay if the lyrics are substituted with a bunch of quality pictures. But sadly, this is not fully the case with Microcastle/Weird Era. Length wise, the lyric sheet itself is rather thin – only 6 pages in length (counting the cover and the back). Quality wise, the pictures are rather interesting. And I have to say, I really loved the album art. Like the album art, all the pictures are really strange/abstract and are portrayed in either a light green or magenta.

On the whole, I would still highly recommend this as a purchase. The fact is, you are getting two quality albums for the price of one, and the packaging fits the music well enough, that it passes for a satisfying set. Had this only been one album, I would have been more inclined to give this a lower score, just because the packaging would have been really flimsy – and wouldn’t really feel like a worthy purchase.

Video of Packaging:



Lyric Sheet

-Brent K.

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