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On Deck: Odonis Odonis

By ; April 14, 2013 at 2:12 PM 

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Toronto rockers and “industrial surfgaze outfit” Odonis Odonis come from a long line of artists who feel the need to bend and beat the hell out of every note that they can coax from their instruments. Having spent a good deal of 2012 touring with Mogwai, Ty Segall, and F Up in support of their exceptional debut LP Hollandaze, the band still managed to find time to record enough songs to fill their upcoming Better EP out April 16th via Buzz Records. The feeling of inevitable dread and anxiety that seem to cover these tracks like a thick, dark veil lends these six songs an almost supernatural sense of foreboding. The band is currently in the middle of a US tour with fellow Toronto natives Metz that will take them through the end of March, concluding at the Austin Psych Fest on the 25th. Denholm Whale, Odonis Odonis bassist and co-manager of Buzz Records, recently sat down and spoke with Beats Per Minute about a few records which have had a great influence on his own development as an artist. From Big Black to The Cure to Elliott Smith, Whale crosses between musical genres in much the same way as Odonis Odonis themselves. Check out his picks below in our latest On Deck feature.

Big Black - Atomizer
Big Black – Atomizer

I grew up poor in a small, boring military town that left me with nothing to do except blow up model rocket engines and watch daytime TV. It felt socially desolate and this record is a sort of medicine for an experience like that. Harsh and full of angst with touches of psychosis. This album always brings me back to that place. Top Tracks: “Bazooka joe,” “Passing Complexion.”

The Cure - Pornography
The Cure – Pornography

This is my favourite Cure record. Critics knocked it at the time. Rolling stone gave it a 1.5, NME called it unpleasant. Basically everyone was turned off by the gloom. It’s full of gloom, the most danceable kind of gloom. That’s why I like it. Top tracks: “One Hundred Years,” “Siamese Twins.”

Trainspotting Soundtrack
Various Artists – Trainspotting Soundtrack

Outside of being an awesome movie, Transpotting delivered a soundtrack that introduced me a ton of great music in high school. Eno, New Order, Iggy, Pulp. Can’t really go wrong. It takes you on a beautiful waste case roller coaster. Top Tracks: “The Passenger,” “Sing.”

Print - Highlights of Horror
Print – Highlights of Horror

So our Drummer was in this band years ago in New York. I don’t think he knows that his old band’s record is one of my favourite albums of all time. I’m not really a violent person but this record makes me feel like destroying the entire universe. It’s so piercing and just plain, bat-shit wild. If I was trying to brainwash a zombie army into taking over the world, this would be a handy tool. Top tracks: “Shave Lady Shave,” “Minus Runway Legs.”

Elliott Smith - Either Or
Elliot Smith – Either Or

I realize that this list is a pretty heavy ride. Probably too serious? I don’t know. I think this is where music is most important to me. Music can act as the most understanding, weird, and supportive friend that you could ever have and I think that’s pretty darn special (oh god, did I just type that!?). This album is as liberating to me as Black Flag’s Damaged. It’s incredibly honest and sincere on many levels. He tackles heavy subjects that most people usually cheese out on and instead makes it pleasantly apathetic. Top Tracks: “Rose Parade”, “Angeles.”

You can pick up a copy of Odonis Odonis’ new EP Better at Buzz Records on April 16th or stream it now via their Bandcamp page.

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