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It’s official: We’re one year old… and we have an announcement

By ; October 5, 2009 at 1:16 AM 

It’s been a year; it’s sort of hard to believe how far we’ve come. I’d just like to thank all of our readers and supporters, especially those who have been with us since day one. I can’t mail our birthday cake to all of you but I’ll sure as hell get you drink when I see you.

Now onto the fun stuff. Over the past year I’ve been helping out at a digital music label called Amazing Wow. The concept was simple: “Amazing Wow rejected the concept of music piracy and the notion that every download is a lost sale. All of the releases were available for high quality download, and were completely free.

Unfortunately, Amazing Wow started to lose momentum several months ago, and was looking to possibly close the label, or at least cease the addition of any new releases. We at onethirtybpm decided to take the initiative and not let such a great concept go to waste. We’ve transferred it to our domain and rebranded it as onethirtybpm Records.

Not only have we transferred most of the old releases and posts, but we’ve already posted a new release entitled Go Go Gadget Grass Stains by an artist by the name of Squanto. Not only do we expect to post new releases very soon (expect some stuff from a new band Cous Cous, and an EP from Flora and Fauna) but we plan on expanding and doing what Amazing Wow set out to do, pressing albums and selling additional merch online.

Well thanks again everyone, I hope you enjoy some of our releases. We had a great year, here’s to many more.

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